Supporting Intergenerational Partnerships for Peace

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  • ·A total of 150 youth and adult Peace Ambassadors (75 from Bahir Dar and 75 from Adama) have graduated after receiving trainings on topics such as peace, peace building and strengthening partnership. 
  • Out of those graduated peace ambassadors, a total of 3000 community members (1500 people from Adama and 1500 from Bahir Dar) have been reached out. More specifically, youths, elder, community leaders, religious fathers, experts working with peace and order have been trained on matters such as peace and peace building, strengthening indigenous peace building values and enhancing cooperation and dialogue.
  • 1500 brochures/fliers that strengthen peace and partnership were written in both Amharic and Afan Oromo and disseminated to create public awareness.
  • Under a motto ‘’Strengthening Inter-generational Partnership for Peace one regional and one national workshops held in Adama and Addis Ababa respectively.  Key stakeholders and target groups, i.e. youths, women, adults, community elders & religious leaders from Adama , Addis Ababa and federal level have participated and discussed the peace and peace building issue.
  • Three booklets and documentary videos, showing best practices and lessons learned from the project, have prepared in three languages (Amharic, English and Afan Oromo), published and disseminated. 

for more information, please download  the following documents: 

 Supporting Intergenerational Partnerships for Peace (English Booklet) 

Supporting Intergenerational Partnerships for Peace (Amharic Booklet)

Supporting Intergenerational Partnerships for Peace (Afan Oromo Booklet)


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