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Secretary General of the World YMCA Visits Addis Ababa

Carlos 1020x1024YMCA Ethiopia pleased to announce that His Excellency Mr. Carlos Sanvee, Secretary General of the World YMCA will visit Addis Ababa in January 27th 2022. During his stay, he will be meeting with high government officials and civil society leaders on the current development and humanitarian responses.

 In addition, Mrs. Lantonirina N Rakotomalala General Secretary of the Africa Alliance of YMCA), Jared Mussima, General Secretary of YMCA Kenya and Zonal Coordinator of the Africa Alliance will join Mr. Carlos. 

The World Alliance of YMCAs supports and facilitates some 120 national YMCAs and four regional Alliances across the globe, to provide young people with safe spaces and opportunities to take an active role in transforming their communities. Collectively, the YMCA Movement reaches some 65 million people a year.

YMCA Ethiopia News

  • YMCA Ethiopia press release towards the request for the return of YMCA facility “Central YMCA” a property located in Aratkilo, Addis Ababa. This requesting is a follow up on process that started years ago and restitution of this property to YMCA Ethiopia has already been approved by an official committee setup by the government in February 2012, having given permission to YMCA to take over the premises, but a formal decision has not been effective until now. YMCA Ethiopia also requested to pending the new construction started by Addis Ababa Sport Commission in YMCA compound until the final decision will be made. The YMCA management deeply briefed about YMCA programs that   impacting the life of youth, the community and as a country. It has served the nation for over seventy years in promoting and supporting holistic youth development with its body, mind spirit approach.y1y2y3
  • YMCA Ethiopia held tree Planting Program as part of supporting Green Legacy and efforts of ecosystem restoration. Its annual green initiative and humanity service in commemoration of the International Youth Day at August 10, 2021 at Entoto Park.

The total of one hundred participants from YMCA National office, branch staffs found in Addis Ababa, our volunteers and Youth Champions participated and simultaneously, participants donated blood to save lives.y4y5y6y7y8y9

  • Adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health and rights is once such thematic areas of the YMCA for over twenty years. As part of its national commitment for ensuring quality SRHR information and services, YMCA Ethiopia organized a learning panel to bring key actors from the field to share current realities and prospects on “Youth Friendly Services in Ethiopia”.

The purpose of the platform was to share, learn and check the realities we are in. The platform brought two panelists from the field to share insights, from research and practice. Dr. Mirgissa Kaba from AAU School of Public Health presented the research made by MOH and Dr. Leilena Shemels and Dr. Hawi Kidanu from TAYA and Tamira respectively shared their practical experience. Youth representatives, CSOs, GOs from the field did share their experience and suggested for continuity if the learning platforms in the future.y10y11y12


The Ethiopia YMCA 21st GA session

The Ethiopia YMCA 21st General Assemble, the first time in Ethiopia YMCA, voted for a female President of Board, Ethiopia Tilahun. 


Ethiopia Tilahun Abebe

The YMCA Ethiopia Board President



Ethiopia Tilahun is a compassionate and visionary leader who has 20 plus years of experience on youth and leadership development programs. She has been highly involved on various programs that aim the enhancement of young people in general and women in particular. Inspired by the dedication of the then young leaders who decided to take part in stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS back in the late 1990s, her career journey begun as being a branch coordinator for a youth-led organization which strives not only to ‘save the generation’ from alarming HIV/AIDS but also envisions to build a productive active young citizen. Eventually, influenced by her own firsthand exposure and profound experience, Ethiopia has now become a prominent advocate for youth participation in all developmental agendas of the country. 

Ethiopia has also more than fifteen years of proven experience in delivering trainings and facilitations on different thematic areas such as reproductive health and HIV/AIDS, leadership, life Skills, presentation skills and gender at national and international level. She participated in the development of the HIV Stigma Action Tool Kit and the Zambia HIV/AIDS Aliens certified her as the African Regional Trainer of this Tool Kit. Besides, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has recognized her as Transformational Leadership Facilitator.     

Currently, she is the Country Representative of the Institute of International Education (IIE) SubSaharan Africa and Ethiopia office. Among her main responsibilities, overseeing the strategic direction and the overall management of the Institution, supervising the scholarship program, higher education services, leadership development initiatives and trainings are the ones that need her regular follow-ups. 

Ethiopia believes, there is a huge potential in youth and she strongly argues that no nation can move forward without taping this massive potential. That is why she aspires to see meaningful youth engagement and participation in the social, political, and economical arena. So far, she has learnt what it takes to make this happen; and she is well prepared to make her aspiration come true.

Yirga Gebregizabher, Outgoing Board Chairperson

Dear YMCA partners, Brothers and Sisters,

May love and peace be with you!

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I have been in the YMCA Ethiopia executive board for two consecutive terms since 2014, and as Board President I have been serving since 2017. These years were challenging and exciting with lots of success stories we proudly shared to the world in the area of governance, programs, resource diversification and the impact in the community we served. The challenges were, too, our source of courage and wisdom we learned through them.  In these moments, your support, advice and strategic guidance were immense; I thank you all for giving me your trust and support during my service. I thank my colleagues, board members, staff and management, and the members of the councils at large. I will be continuing serving the YMCA in different forms at local, national , Africa and the world level.

The Ethiopia YMCA 21st GA session, the first time in Ethiopia YMCA, voted for a female President of Board, Ethiopia Tilahun. Please join me to congratulate my successor’s. Together with her, 3 existing board members and five new board members with high caliber and experience have joined the Y and Please welcome them all.

For the first time, we worked with the Management team led by Dagmawi to ensure the best process of the election, ever done before, the recruitment and nomination procedures were in place and managed carefully.   I thank all the nomination team, the electoral committees, the General Assembly Committees and the member of the council for having gone through the process successfully

This is my sincere hope your support will be continuing for the new executive board, and the management,

 Dear Ethiopia, this is to confirm to you that I will be on your side to support and walk with you during your leadership service , transforming the Y and serving the youth. I know this position comes with a lot of blessing as the time challenges particularly when trying to move from business as usual ….count on me…I will share my experience!

GOD bless you all!

Yirga Gebregizabher, Outgoing Board Chairperson

The Impact of COVID on Informal Workers

Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) Ethiopia organized a  workshop to address  on the impact of COVID-19 on youth in the informal sectors in November 3, 2020 at Capital Hotel – Addis Ababa.

A recent report published by Fridrich Ebert Stiftung on the Impact of COVID in the Informal Economy (2020) asserts that close to 90 per cent of the sub-Saharan African labour force works in the informal economy. Informal economy workers, who are mostly self-employed, are particularly vulnerable to health shocks since they are mostly not covered by social protection systems, earn their livelihood from low and irregular incomes, are not adequately represented in local and national governance structures, and are not protected by labour laws.

Ethiopia is  one of the hard-hits countries with COVID 19 and it’s majority of labor force dwell in the informal sectors. In his opening speech,  Mr.  Ayalew Ahmed, Vice President of CETU said that the informal workers in Ethiopia could be at higher risk of losing their job due to COVID but they are less covered in the legal and social protection systems. Mr. Demisse, representing CETU, one of the panelist said that  COVID would have tremendous impact on the informal workers, especially those work as street vendors, house maid, waitress, etc.

impact 1

Informal economy workers and their families remain exposed to the virus even if they stay at home, because they often live in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions that make physical distancing virtually impossible. A lack of access to running water not only limits the possibilities for hand-washing, it often forces women to line up for water, thereby endangering themselves and their community. (ILO 2020a).

The overwhelming majority of workers in the informal economy have higher exposure to occupational health and safety risks because of the lack of appropriate protection, and thus an increased likelihood of suffering from illness, accident or death. COVID-19 adds to these risks. If they fall ill, most workers do not have guaranteed access to medical care or income security through sickness or employment injury benefits;

Ato Kassahun Mulatu, representative from Addis Ababa City Administration Trade and Industry Bureau presented that bureau has been making stride effort to minimize the occupational risks on the informal workers. As he said, the bureau has been taking some measures such as training, awareness on COVID, hygiene supplies, facilitating better work place for street vendors, Janmeda, etc among the measures taking place by the bureau.

impact 2

Four Youths who work in the informal sector  gave their testimony on how covid impacts their work as most of them admitted there business is at higher risk and disclosure due to COVID and related challenges.

Participants of the workshop share their reflection and make suggestions including the need to have in-depth study on the impact, sustain dialogue and experience sharing, collaboration and networking through forming alliance of decent work (as suggested by YMCA and it’s partners) was among the take homes from the workshop.

ymca ethiopia logo webThe Young Men's Christian Association, YMCA is a worldwide organization based in Geneva, Switzerland, with more than 2 billion beneficiaries from 125 national associations.
YMCA Ethiopia is pioneer in youth development which was first established in 1951. It has over 3000 young champions, 25,000 members and over 50,000 beneficiaries.  Our vision is to empower young people for the renaissance of Africa. We strive for Reaching more than half a million children, youth and women through power space, skill development  and opportunities At Present we work in Addis Ababa, Oromya, Amhara, Sidama, Southern Nation and Nationalities, Tigraye.

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